Service Level Agreement For Dummies

This agreement may exist between a company and its customers or a service providing a recurring service for another division within that company. Tools that automate the collection and display of service-level performance data are also available. If you understand the structure of the service level and service level management agreement, you have an advantage in helping your company fulfill its promises. The ability to create and manage service solutions allows your business and its customers to communicate more clearly to meet mutual needs. IT organizations in enterprises, especially those dedicated to IT service management, enter SLAs with their internal customers – users in other departments within the company. An IT department establishes an SLA so that its services can be measured, justified, and possibly compared to those of outsourcing providers. b. Termination in the event of repeated failure to meet the service level obligation over a predefined period of time One of the most important steps in coordinating your sales and marketing efforts is the creation of a service level agreement (SLA). Traditionally, an SLA is used to define exactly what a customer receives from a service provider. SLAs are also used for internal operations and distribution and marketing agreements are among the most important.

ITIL focuses on three types of options for structuring SLAs: service-based, customer-based, and multi-tiered or tiered SLAs. There are many different factors to consider when deciding which SLA structure is most appropriate for an organization.. . . .

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