St Vincent`s Hospital Melbourne Enterprise Agreement

St Vincent offers a wide range of benefits to help and reward all employees in a professional and personal manner. Learn more about how working in St. Vincent can be even more rewarding. It is a voluntary referral and referral centre that supports personal and work-related problems. The service is confidential and offers effective, short-term, solution-oriented advice. Medibank offers your employees competitive professional health insurance. Staff may meet with a La Medibank representative on site to discuss their coverage costs. St Vincent offers all employees exclusive bank and home credit discounts. The Commuter Club is an opportunity for all St. Vincent employees to purchase an annual myki passport with a savings of 10% of the cost of a normal annual passport.

St. Vincent in conjunction with Smartsalary offers employees to purchase salary packages to purchase certain expenses, such as rent, mortgage, meals and maintenance from upstream tax revenues, which increases the net value of earned income. For more information, visit the Smartsalary website.

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