Service Entrustment Agreement

B. After filing an application for approval of a delegation contract within the meaning of paragraph A, paragraph 1 to 241, the Child Representation Tribunal, in accordance with the provisions of page 16.1-266, appoints an ad litem guardian and refers the case for oral proceedings as follows: within 45 days of filing an application under Subdivision A 1 , A 2 or A 3 unless the Tribunal has ordered a publication decision, in which case the hearing will take place within 75 days of filing the petition. The Tribunal communicates at the hearing and a copy of the petition the following persons, each being a party entitled to participate in the proceedings: the participation agreements concluded by and between the effective shareholder and the designated nominal shareholder were built definitively and effectively approved and executed by the signatories of these agreements. In order to take into account the contribution of all parties to the Yuhuan and Yuhui operations and to allow all parties to share the results of this acquisition and the overseas list, all parties, after friendly negotiations, conclude the following agreement: 1. The local social services council or the child protection organisation; (2) within a reasonable period of time, which cannot exceed 30 days from the end of a delegation contract for a period of 90 days or more or for an unspecified period, if such a delegation agreement does not provide for the termination of all parental rights and obligations towards the child; and if the agreement is to be terminated prematurely for the above reasons, the notifying party notifies the other party in writing of the denunciation of this agreement and this notification comes into force immediately after notification. 3. Can be filed in the case of a permanent delegation agreement providing for the termination of all parental rights and obligations towards the child. The board of directors or agency establishes a care plan. 16.1-281, which is heard for any request for approval of a delegation contract. The Tribunal`s decision authorizing a permanent delegation agreement has the effect of terminating the other parental rights of a confident parent. Any provision to terminate parental rights is accompanied by an order (i) to maintain or grant custody to a local social services council or a licensed child placement agency or (ii) the granting of custody or guardianship to a person with a legitimate interest. Such an order, which pursues custody of the children or gives rise to a local social services council or a licensed mediation for children, indicates whether that council or authority has the authority to subject the child to adoption and consent.

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