Probationary Tenancy Agreements

At the end of your temporary rent, you are usually offered another five-year temporary rent, unless your living conditions have changed significantly. This decision will be made at least six months before the end of your agreement. Fixed-term leases can be entered into for a period of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. We understand that some of our tenants are vulnerable and need help, which is why we offer a support rental agreement to some tenants. This means that participation in the necessary assistance will be a condition for their lease. We hope that this will lead to a decrease in antisocial behaviour, property deterioration or property damage, which could result in the loss of the lease. You can view copies of leases below. You can also access a copy of the terms and conditions by reading a copy in our customer centre, Ongo House, High Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6AT. If you need help understanding your agreement, please contact us.

Yes, but both roommates must confirm this in writing, including confirmation of the person who will keep the lease on their behalf. If you have complied with your rental conditions, we generally agree, but we can request another trial period. In this urban myth, it is really a matter of repealing the law, which is what the owners want. Many landlords want their tenants to reside in the property for a short trial period, during which the landlord can evacuate the tenant as he sees fit before the lease begins properly. This is a reassuring decision for landlords who would otherwise face additional tenant protection when they have agreed by contract to terminate early if certain criteria (which often involve breaches of rental conditions) are met. The council can give you a rental book to explain everything you need to know about your rent. Tamar grants a trial rent to all new residents, unless they have moved from another social landlord. It usually takes a year. The purpose of a trial rent is to give a new occupant the opportunity to show that he is able to obtain a lease. As long as you meet your rental conditions, the trial lease lasts one year. At the end of this year, the lease will be automatically converted into an insured or fixed-term lease, depending on the type of lease you have.

You don`t need to sign papers. The lease is pursued as an introductory rent for the remainder of the 12-month trial period and then becomes a safe or flexible lease. Mr. Kirby felt he had an AST. The lease was conditional on Mr. Lynch collecting benefits. Until this was confirmed, his occupation had been an act of generosity, perhaps even an act of charity. On this basis, he opened proceedings for detention under Section 21. The first six months of a new periodic rent (tenant who is not yet in occupation) are a trial period.

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