Openprovider Registration Agreement

9.4. If you do not renew your domain name for an additional 8 (eight) days, agree that we may, at our sole discretion, remove the domain name registration or, on your behalf, renew the third party we have identified and transfer it to a third party we have identified (such a transaction is referred to as “Post And Term Renewal and Transfer”). 3.2. You acknowledge and accept that SiteGround provides you with domain name registration information that you make available or that SiteGround will provide ICANN, registrar of record, registry and other third parties, as required by ICANN and applicable laws. Immediately after the expiry of domain name registration services and before the domain name is deleted from the respective registration database, we can forward the domain name to the ip name and address servers we have designated, including, but not limited to an IP or ip address that hosts a parking page or a commercial search engine that can display ads, and we can either leave your RDDS information intact, or change the contact information in the RDDS output to the expired domain name so that you are no longer the statement of the expired name. 2.7. You acknowledge and accept that if you (i) provide inaccurate information; (ii) cannot immediately update contact details; or (iii) not responding within a specified time to requests from SiteGround or Registrar regarding the accuracy of your domain name details is a violation of the conditions and may result in the suspension and/or deletion of your domain name registration. 20.1. The total number of records reserves the right to refuse to register your chosen domain name or allow you to register as an account holder for global records. We also reserve the right to delete your domain or sell your domain if we discover that credit card fees have been deferred or that no payment has been received to cover the cost of registering the domain name. However, we are not liable for losses or damages resulting from our refusal to register or delete your domain name records in accordance with this clause 20.

3.2. Mailbox Service: You confirm and accept that if you subscribe to the catch-all mailbox service, any email sent to the email inbox of a user of your domain name for which you have set up that service (for example. B [email protected]) will also be sent to the email inbox configured for the Catch all postal service. You also acknowledge and agree that if your domain name is terminated, any future declaring your terminated domain name who has subscribed to the catch-all postal service may receive emails intended for receipt by you or a former user of your email service, and you agree that Total Registrations is not liable for loss or direct or indirect damage.

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